Adam Dince answering the question, "Does trauma follow us from lifetime to lifetime?"

Does Trauma Follow Us From Lifetime to Lifetime?

“Can trauma follow us from lifetime to lifetime?

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(00:01) hey everyone Adam here and today I’m going to be answering the question can trauma follow us from Lifetime to Lifetime and I’d like to approach this from the perspective of a hypnotherapist so the quick answer to this question is yes trauma can and does follow us from life to life and just like our memories do right so that’s why you can come and meet with someone like me for a past life regression and you’ll be able to access memories from past lives and even lives between lives and so all of these things

(00:36) go with us now you may have experienced trauma in a past life that is continuing to cause issues in this life and what I mean by that is sometimes people will have say like a phobia maybe they’re afraid of water deathly afraid of water deathly afraid of dying they’re just these unreasonable fears like I won’t go near water because I I’m gonna drown yet there’s nothing that’s happened in this lifetime that could explain that fear and so oftentimes what happens in a past life regression is the person the client will

(01:12) go back into a past life memory from you know something that is relevant to the fear that they have now so let me share an example of that I had a gentleman who I met with who had this completely unreasonable fear of death meaning most of us have some level of fear or death right um but it doesn’t really interfere with our day-to-day lives now for this gentleman it absolutely did and it affected his relationships it affected all areas of his life and so he met with me for a past life regression and uh when I took him back into that past life

(01:48) it turns out that he was quite the unsavory fellow he did some things in that past life that he was not proud of and uh unfortunately as a result of his actions in that past life he was murdered and when he re when he when he when he re-experienced that murder in the regression and understood why it happened and came to terms with everything behind it he was able to sort of close that door and so when he came out of hypnosis that fear actually fear of death was gone and it hasn’t come back since and he’s been able to go on and live a much

(02:28) much more fruitful healthier life and I just share that because there are things that can carry on with us from life to life that continue to impact Us in ways that we don’t understand in this life so anyway that’s my uh that’s my two cents on the question is can trauma follow us from Lifetime to Lifetime and I hope this was helpful