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I love getting philosophical questions about consciousness and the nature of our existence.

Hypnotherapy & Healing Services

Current Life Regression

Regression therapy is a powerful healing technique that can be used to relieve anxiety, stress, and traumas.

Past Life Regression

Experience a past life through your own mind’s eye. See a past life that serves your current life’s highest good.

Between Lives Regression

Revisit memories of the afterlife that your soul experienced in-between its various human incarnations.

NDE Regression

If you’ve had a near-death experience, NDE regression allows you to revisit your NDE, restore faded memories, and get closure.

Reiki Healing

Restore your energetic body with a Reiki session. Reiki energy works with your soul to serve your highest good.

Reiki Training

Become a Reiki healer. I offer Reiki training for levels I-IV. Use Reiki for self-healing & healing others.

Client Testimonials

After years of soul searching and self-discovery, I found myself researching past life regression. If you’re looking for somebody who does this work from the heart, look no further than Adam. Not only was he gentle but extremely professional. I felt safe and comfortable the entire time. He created a sacred space to heal and observe from my past life experiences.

I honestly feel that in one session I have healed more than in a dozen therapy sessions. I now have a better understanding of myself and the world that surrounds me. Do yourself a great service and book a session with Adam, it’s incredibly life-changing, memorable, and an eye-opening experience.

Amy H.


I experienced a Past Life Regression Session last night with Adam. I went in with no expectations and ended up having one of the most profound sessions of my life. Adam led me into a space that I could only refer to as Divine. The session took some unexpected twists and turns and Adam intuitively led me lovingly and patiently to the precise space that I needed for deep healing and release. I can’t recommend Adam enough. My session with him was life-changing.

Ann J.


Back to the Beyond Book

Back To The Beyond

I’m thrilled to share that my new book, “Back to the Beyond: Exploring Near-Death Experiences Through Hypnosis” is now available to purchase.

“Adam’s stunning research in, ‘Back to the Beyond’ using hypnotic regression with near-death experiencers makes a noteworthy contribution to what happens to us after our physical body dies. Brilliant and compelling insights. This is a must-read.”

Anita Moorjani, New York Times best-selling author of Dying to Be Me and What if this is Heaven?”

My Approach to Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotic regression opens a sacred stairway deep down into the subconscious mind, where memories and past experiences are stored. Whether you're curious about past life exploration or wish to uncover forgotten events from this lifetime, here’s a brief explanation about what to anticipate during a session.

Initial Consultation:
Before our regression, you and I will meet for an intake session. In this session, we will discuss the process, talk through any questions you may have, and gather information about the specific areas or issues you want to explore. From here a plan of care will be created.

A Safe and Comfortable Environment:
Since all hypnotherapy sessions are facilitated through Zoom or other online application, you can enjoy your journey from the comfort of your own home. You'll want to ensure that you have a comfortable place to lie down, in a dark and quiet room, where you'll have 90-120 minutes of uninterrupted time.

To start the regression, I will use relaxation techniques to help you reach a state of deep calm. This might include focused breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or guided imagery. This deep state of relaxation is what's known as the "hypnotic state".

Deepening the Hypnotic State:
Once relaxed, I will guide you to an even deeper state of hypnosis. This stage ensures you are sufficiently relaxed enough to access the subconscious mind.

The Regression Itself:
I will then guide you backward in time. This could be to earlier moments in your current life or, in the case of past life regression, to previous lifetimes, between lives, etc... You might experience these memories as vividly as if you were reliving them or more distantly, like watching a movie.

Guided Exploration:
During the regression, I will ask open-ended questions to help you navigate and understand your experiences. My guidance will help you uncover insights, emotions, and connections relevant to your present life.

Bringing You Back:
After exploring for a set period or once the session's objectives are achieved, I will gradually guide you out of the regression and back to your usual conscious state.

Post-Session Discussion:
Once you're fully awake, there'll be time to discuss your experiences. This debriefing phase helps process and integrate the insights gained during the session.

A Few Things to Remember

Everyone’s Experience is Unique: Some individuals might recall vivid details, while others might only get feelings or impressions. All experiences are valid.

Emotions Might Surface: Regression can bring up strong emotions. This is natural. I am trained to support you through these moments.

Intention Matters: Approach the session with an open mind and a clear intention. This can aid in more focused and insightful experiences.

Aftercare: Drink plenty of water and give yourself time to process after the session. You might find it helpful to jot down your experiences or discuss them with someone you trust.

Hypnotherapy regression is a tool that can provide profound insights into one’s life, behaviors, and patterns. It’s a journey of discovery, understanding, and healing. If you feel drawn to this experience, trust your intuition and embrace the adventure.

The Back to the Beyond Highlight Reel

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Become a Sacred Rose Healer

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of, “Sacred Rose Healing – The Essential Course”.

“Sacred Rose Healing - The Essential Course,” will fully prepare you to be a best-in-class sacred rose healer.

Everything you need to be a sacred rose healer is right here in this course!

In this course, you will learn how to facilitate self-rose healing ceremonies as well as how to perform sacred rose healing ceremonies on others.

Learn Sacred Rose Healing

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Learn the art of sacred rose healing

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