Adam Dince, Hypnotherapist

Certified Hypnotherapist and Energy Healer.

About Adam

Adam is a certified hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression, life between lives regression, and regression techniques that heal traumas, limiting beliefs, and other life experiences.

Adam is the founder and healer at Sacred Stairways Hypnotherapy & Healing located in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Back to the Beyond

Friends, my latest book, “Back to the Beyond | Exploring Near-Death Experiences Through Hypnosis” will be published Summer of 2021. If you’d like to be notified when the book launches, please leave your information here. 

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Name: Adam Dince
Address: 305 Greeley Street South, STE 101, Stillwater, MN 55082
Phone: ‪(612) 305-8215







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    Thank you for trusting me with your journey...

    My name is Adam Dince and I’m a certified hypnotherapist through the iNLP Center and the International Hypnosis Federation.

    I am the founder and healer at Sacred Stairways Hypnotherapy & Healing, in Stillwater, Minnesota, and service clients virtually across the world.

    I use hypnotherapy to help my clients with:

    • Identifying and resolving limiting beliefs
    • Modification of unwanted behaviors
    • Healing from loss, grief, and pain
    • Healing traumatic experiences
    • Exploring past lives
    • Understanding their purpose in this lifetime
    • And more…
    In order for hypnotherapy to work, you must trust your hypnotherapist. And I’m well-aware of how personal and vulnerable the healing process can be. With that being said, I look forward to the honor of working with you and earning your utmost trust. 

    Regression Therapy

    Many of the beliefs we have about ourselves are formed during our childhood. These beliefs often dictate how we perceive the world around us.  For example, if your parents made you feel like a burden as a child, you may believe that as an adult, you’re a burden on others. Or, if you were abandoned as a child, you may find yourself believing that others will leave you.

    And of course, our relationships, careers, and lives may be adversely impacted if we believe that we’re a burden on others or that people are going to leave us.

    In addition to the beliefs we have about ourselves, many of us have experienced trauma that hasn’t been resolved. Many of my clients have lived through abuse, neglect, loss, accidents, and other things that adversely impact their lives.

    A current life/present life regression can be a powerful tool to help you reframe the memories and experiences that influenced the beliefs you have about yourself. Journeying back to the most relevant memories through hypnotic regression allows you to work through what you experienced, find understanding, and move forward in a way that serves your greatest good.

    Learn more about Current Life Regression on Sacred Stairways Hypnotherapy & Healing!

    Past life regression can be a life-changing experience.

    Knowing, not just believing, that you’re an eternal soul who has lived many lives can be extremely comforting, can help quell fear of death and so much more.

    Past life regression can help identify karmic issues that you’ve carried from life to life that need to be healed. In other words, traveling back to a past life and addressing unresolved issues that have carried over into this lifetime, can lead to a beautiful healing. It can also help you better understand the life you’re living in this incarnation.

    Journeying back to a past life through hypnotic regression may allow you to remember a past life that is most relevant to the current life your living, find understanding, and move forward in a way that serves your greatest good.

    It can also help you overcome unexplained phobias. For example, I’ve worked with clients who’ve had an unnatural fear of death that can’t be explained by traumas/experiences in their current life. Through regression back to a past life, my clients were able to reconnect with the experience(s) that caused their current fear of death and resolve them accordingly. 

    Learn more about Past Life Regression on Sacred Stairways Hypnotherapy & Healing!

    Have you ever wondered what happens after your physical body dies and your soul crosses over?

    Your soul, which lives within your human form remembers every life you’ve ever lived and what you’ve experienced in-between lives.

    Through hypnotherapy, we will regress you back to an in-between life state where you can learn many things including: your life’s purpose, who your soul family is, and much more. Between life regression is a life changing experience.

    Learn more about Life Between Lives Regression on Sacred Stairways Hypnotherapy & Healing!

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    About Sacred Stairways

    Sacred Stairways Healing and Hypnotherapy is a healing practice that I started and run. I offer a variety of healing modalities such as hypnotherapy, Reiki, rose healing, cacao ceremonies, and spiritual coaching/mentorship.

    We are located in Stillwater, MN and offer hypnotherapy and Distant Reiki virtually through Zoom. That means, if you’re not located in Minnesota, we can still work together!  

    Hypnotherapy FAQs

    It’s impossible. Since all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, there is no getting stuck. It’s essentially like being in a daydream. At any time, you can end the daydream by opening your eyes. Either way, you’re completely lucid the entire time.

    Again, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You will not tell me anything you do not wish to share. You are in complete control of what happens during hypnosis

    You will absolutely remember the session. You are not asleep and in fact, you’ll be in a heightened state of awareness. Two safeguards I employ are to suggest at the end of the session that you remember everything and I also record the session so that you may listen to it again later just in case.

    There’s no way. Just a reminder that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You are in 100% control throughout the entire session. Keep in mind that you do not disassociate from your conscious mind/ego while under hypnosis. It listens in the background the entire time. It’s the ego’s job to protect you.

    Not at all. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. All suggestions made to you during the session are within your control to accept. It’s completely up to you as to which suggestions you accept and which you let go.