I’ve included links to some of the guided meditations I’ve recorded for Insight Timer. You can find a few of the meditations linked below or you can simply visit https://insighttimer.com/adamdince to find all of my meditation tracks there.


This beautiful 30-minute guided meditation will take you into a very deep state of relaxation. It’s perfect to listen to before bed, after a long day or week at work, or any time you feel the need to relax.


This heart-warming meditation will guide you to a special place where you will be able to connect with a pet who is no longer on the earth plane. Just like people, our connections with our pets do not end when the physical body dies. And our beloved pets want to stay consciously connected with us, even after they cross over the rainbow bridge.


This track contains an energy-releasing practice through breathing you let go of the tough trials, and heavy burdens and just clear everything. Through entering a connection we don’t rely on our powers alone but are receiving energy from the universe to enter the present state.


Many of us experience traumas, neglect, and/or pain in our childhood that impact our well-being as adults. The difficult situations we experienced as children, if not properly addressed, continue to affect our energy/subtle body as adults. Especially when those issues are suppressed. Deep down inside, our inner-child is waiting to be loved and nurtured. She or he is waiting for the care, protection, and healing needed to assist you in moving past the blocks you’re facing.