Adam Dince answers the question, can you interpret dreams through hypnosis?

Can You Interpret a Dream Through Hypnosis?

Can You Interpret a Dream Through Hypnosis?

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(00:01) hey everyone Adam here and today I’m going to answer the question can you interpret dreams through hypnosis and the answer to that question is yes and I want to talk a little bit about that so a lot of us have dreams whether they’re recent or from our childhood where we have some really strong uh anchors meaning we remember certain parts of those dreams very clearly but then there are other aspects of the dream that we don’t recall at all even if we wake up from the dream and we remember a lot of it even if it feels

(00:42) like we remember all of it we don’t there are always big pieces missing and you know when those dreams come through there are certain dreams that come through that are so powerful and so profound they feel like more of a dream or I should say they feel more than a dream they feel realer than a dream I used to have these dreams as a kid where I would fly you know I would be like in a Walmart or a Kmart parking lot or something like that and it’d start by me running as fast as I could and then before I knew it I was flying and I’d go

(01:14) all kinds of cool places and you know if someone came to me and said hey Adam I’m having this I had these dreams when I was a kid that I’d fly and I would do all these cool things but they’re big pieces that are missing and I’d like to know what they what they were what does the dream mean why did I have them I could take this person back through hypnosis into the dream so they could explore whatever aspects they’d like to and get the the the the closure that they they need and so if you’ve had

(01:44) dreams and you’re curious about what they mean and again it really works the best if it’s something that really really really resonates with you something that is just on your mind it’s a dream that won’t let you go and if if if you want to work through that if you’re interested in figuring out what does it mean we can work through that through hypnosis so that is the answer to the question can you interpret dreams through hypnosis I hope you enjoyed the answer and I look forward to uh more of

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