Past Life Regressions Can Be A Life-Changing Experience

Past life regression is a technique that accesses the memories of a past life stored in your subconscious/superconscious mind by means of hypnosis. Those of us who have experienced traumatic or significant events in a previous life may carry those events forward in their current life.

In a past life regression, by accessing your superconscious mind through hypnosis, you will experience a past life or lives that may contain information about feelings you experience today, such as pain, fear, anger, sadness, and so on.

Past life regression therapy is a technique that has been successfully used for many years to help people heal from emotional trauma while also providing us the opportunity to experience the beauty of knowing that we are eternal souls.

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How is it that past life regression is such a powerful source of healing?

Hypnotherapists trained in past life regression are able to guide their clients to past lives. Through experiencing memories of past lives that are most relevant to the client’s goals, we journey to a past life that may provide solutions and clarity to current life problems.

During a regression, the client is put into a hypnotic trance state. Then, the client follows the guidance of the hypnotherapist to a catalyst moment which allows the client to access the memory of a past life. Then the hypnotherapist, using their training and intuition, guides the client to experience the memories that honor the client’s intentions and/or the soul’s highest good.

The deep healing experience of a past life regression can be extremely transformative, releasing feelings of pain, fear, shame, and guilt that in some cases seem to be carried over many lives. Even where there is no belief in a previous life, the therapy is still valid as the regression work can be viewed by the client as the subconscious mind telling the conscious mind through pictures, a healing story.

People who experience past lives find that their journeys help reveal memories and information that help them heal and discover a new purpose within their current life.

The regression to a past life through hypnosis is an effective way to find out why you became the person you are and how you can change to have a happier and more fulfilling future. People that I’ve guided past life regressions for have shared with me that after the session, they began to open up and thrive in ways they never thought possible.

It is worth noting that the belief of reincarnation goes back many thousands of years and the practice of past life regression is becoming increasingly accepted as a healing method. Many people report that past life regression sessions have brought them more inner healing than years of traditional therapy.

Whether you are simply curious about the experience or want to dive deep into your superconscious for deeper insights and possibly emotional healing, past life regression can be a wondrous and illuminating experience.

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