How Can I Have More Faith In Life After Death?

How Can I Know What Happens To Us After We Die? – Ask Adam

(00:01) hey family so I got a great question from someone who has been researching their death experiences in similar uh types of of call them spiritually transformative experiences who has definitely been comforted by the accounts and the stories of people who have experienced these things but would like to have know how can they develop a deeper level of Faith about what happens to us after our physical body dies and it’s a great question because I think it’s something that so many of us spend our lives trying to

(00:39) to figure out right what happens to us after after our body dies after we die and so what I wanted to share was I I went down that path myself for many many years and found great comfort in stories of near-death experience accounts out of body experiences so on and so forth but nothing really helped me and I I like to use the word no and knowing because faith is one thing knowing is something different faith we believe something knowing we we have a knowledge of it we know it to be true and it’s very difficult to achieve that knowing

(01:18) to Simply reading other people’s accounts or listening to other people’s stories about what happened to them it’s really important for you to develop this knowingness about what happens to us after we die to begin to have your own experiences your own spiritually transformative experiences and this can come through something like a past life regression a lot of my clients who come to me for past life progressions don’t necessarily have a deep spiritual background or belief system in what happens to us after we die but once they

(01:51) experience a past life regression they’ve sort of experienced firsthand what it’s like to see a totally different life that their soul experienced and so that’s one way another way uh could be practicing astral projection and learning how to astral project or how to lucid dream or how to do all of their variety of of spiritually transformed experiences you can have to where you’ll know that you are far greater than the physical body that you’re in you’re so much more vast than that and there are more videos to

(02:29) come on that topic so with that said thank you so much for the question and have a great day.